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Don't Hire A Publicist!

The definition of "insanity" is doing things the same way and expecting different results. Your choice to hire a PR professional is probably because what you're doing is not working. You need to do things differently. PR professionals are constantly faced with the challenge of placing our Clients’ images, branding and messaging in front of the best audiences. But if you're not willing to get out of your comfort zone, then these are the reasons why You Don’t Hire A Publicist:

You Want To Dictate The Direction of the Message.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary says that a Dictator is one ruling absolutely and often oppressively. A Tyrant is a ruler who has complete power and who is cruel and unfair. Tyrants and Dictators all have the same tragic flaw: their inability to listen to professionals that know better than them. They have tunnel vision and can only hear the voices inside their heads. Specifically, they make unreasonable demands, particularly, when they are absolutely wrong. If you have a dictatorial personality: Don’t Hire A Publicist.

They’re Just Not That In To You.

Most Clients who seek out a publicist think that their message is the only important message in the web-i-sphere. Publicists are competing with each other to ensure that their clients message does not get lost in the clutter of less important messages. However, sometimes the markets and/or the media just aren’t familiar with your brand. Basically, they’re just not that in to you, yet. Our job is to change that perspective. Publicists have protocols and rapport with the media. These journalists communicate to the markets that you want to be in front of. Let us stroke them, our way. Be patient or Don’t Hire A Publicist.

You’re Not The Boss of Me.

Trust us to put your message in the best hands at the best times. When we don’t follow protocol our Client’s do not get a second chance. Like attorney’s, if you do not take our advice prepare to suffer the consequences. I cannot tell you how many times Client’s have gone off, half-cocked, because they thought they knew better. We are the consultants and good publicists will not tolerate being bullied and we do push back. So if you want to ignore the publicist’ advice then Don’t Hire A Publicist.

Time is Money.

Publicity is free, Public Relations cost. You are paying for the service. If you want to guarantee that your message is going to appear in a certain medium, pay the ten's of thousands of dollars for advertising. If you want journalists to write about you or your brand, let us develop the relationship and communicate to the media that you are newsworthy. If you can afford advertising and don’t want journalists to look at you as a credible brand, Don’t Hire A Publicist.

PR Is Not a Popularity Contest.

We’re not in high school. Public Relations is not like running for homecoming court. Journalists answer to editors, editors answer to owners and owners answer to stockholders. It's business. If your story does not add value to their brand it does not matter how many followers you have on social media. Your brand must appear to be credible; having a professional publicist brings IMMEDIATE credibility to your brand. Journalists are not ready to deal with you until they deal with us. So if you want to run for “Winter Court” instead of presenting your brand professionally, Don’t Hire a Publicist.


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