Building Relationships One Brand at a Time. 

Corporate Branding & Marketing is a $200 billion industry.  With a basis in Communications, Project Design, & Consumer Strategy, Cantrelle & Co., executes major Project Management, Branding & PR campaigns. Our niche is metro, diversity & urban branding. We apply customized project design, marketing & public relations techniques created specifically for your brand for development in large metro and urban markets:  New Orleans, New York, Miami, London, Los Angeles, etc.  


Our Clients & CEO's are Private, Public, Political, Sports & Entertainment leaders.  They consistently, trust us to handle their most vital branding & communications campaigns. We value our Clients, so let us Manage your project, Build your brand, and Publicize the great work that makes you and your company iconic.



P R O J E C T  D E S I G N   &  B R A N D  M A N A G E M E N T   F I R M.