Public Relations, Community Relations and Market Research are the main avenues high profile brands use to diversify their messaging.  


Our job is to select the  essential strategies best suited to our clients message and image.  We position our Clients in the best community, cultural & international markets without loosing anything in the translation.  


Cantrelle & Co. collaborates with the top video producers, ad designers,  distributors, bloggers & editors: creating specific looks or themes to convey your message.  We also design custom campaigns for billboards, runways, films, red carpet events, videos, and editorials. 

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We develop global media campaigns and procedures to improve our clients global positioning.  Cantrelle & Co. Project Managers are able to understand the details of our Clients projects and how to support their overall domestic & global public relations strategy. Our detailed-oriented & analytical skills are invaluable in creating methods for entering the global media market place. 


Cantrelle & Co. oversees environmental, economic, political, operational & support preparedness as our Clients prepare for their international media launch.  We design campaigns that are culturally sensitive, financially manageable, and humanly realistic. Our staff has many years of experience working with media subsidiaries & companies headquartered in Nigeria, the Caribbean, Canada, Australia & Central America.

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